Saturday, July 23, 2005


In a few days wikimania the first world conference of the Wikimedia Foundation will open in Frankfurt. It will be a great time for the people that are able to come. There will be some things that will be broadcasted over the Internet.. The agenda is absolutely smashing. I will be speaking as well and I will speak in "die grosse Saal". It will be the final presentation in a series of four;

*Wikidata will be about the technology that will be behind Ultimate Wiktionary and many other projects.
*Wikisign will be about creating a lexicological resource for the deaf.
*Logos will bring us what their experience is hosting lexicological content
*Ultimate Wiktionary will be about what we hope achieve in the next generation of Wiktionary

As I have been talking so much about what I hope to achieve, I may not bring you anything new. However, there is so much to it..


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