Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If I had money that I could freely spend ...

If I could hire a programmer that would give me one extra functionality, something that is not scheduled for this moment, what would I have him do? What if I have a budget for at least a few weeks of work ..

Interwiki links
I hate these things. They are always out of sync. Many people spend a lot of hard work on getting them right while the problem is getting bigger and it is not solved at all. It feels like a waste. When a project grows, it has articles that need to be linked. As more and more wikipedias grow, the number of articles that need updating grow rapidly. Small projects are not easily integrated. It costs a lot of resources.

With a centralised database, we could link an article to another article and by inference it would be known to all the articles that are linked to it. As all the articles are about the same subject, we could check if article names are translations. When they are, it is a basis for linking to the lexicological content of WiktionaryZ ..

Inflection boxes
When a verb, a noun and adjective changes under given rules, it makes sense to have inflection boxes. They are generated using templates on many wiktionaries, but it makes more sense to have some software that allows us to build these boxes. Software that associates inflections of one language to the inflections of other languages for the purpose of translation.

Better support for tools like OmegaT
OmegaT is a CAT-tool, it helps translators with their work. I would do two things to OmegaT, I would have it read directly from a MediaWiki wiki and when the translation is finished, write it to another wiki. I would also have its translation glossary funtction make use of WiktionaryZ..

Yes there would be a quid pro quo, when a translator adds a word to the glossary it would be fed back to WiktionaryZ.


PS What would your suggestion be ?
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