Friday, August 11, 2006

After Wikimania ... semantic mediawiki

I had a great time at Wikimania, and I am now slowly but surely trying to get things organised. This is not a trivial thing.. loads of people.. loads of interest in what we are doing with WiktionaryZ. The need for becoming organised is becoming increasingly important.. So how do I this, what tool to use.

When I was in Rome I met Denny. He demonstrated how well Semantic MediaWiki can be used for personal use. I was really impressed. Denny installed all the necessary bits on my computer. And it does do many of the things that I need. It allows me to create multiple lists associated with a subject. For instance the organisations involved and the persons involved with a project..

The more I see it, the more impressed I am. The only potential problem I see is that people have to learn more wiki-syntax. As it is so powerful, I would not mind to include semantic mediawiki in WiktionaryZ.
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