Sunday, September 24, 2006

When Mohammed doesn't come to the mountain ..

Some things are inevetitable; WiktionaryZ tried always to be a project about content. Getting the attention of people has been difficult because what is WZ about, what is it's relation with the Wiktionary projects, what is the relation with it's partners, paying developers and last but not least, what is the relation between WiktionaryZ and the Wikimedia Foundation.

At some stage, the "Special Projects Committee" of the WMF issued a resolution that they want to host WiktionaryZ. Combine this with the wish of Jimmy Wales for having WiktionaryZ in the WMF; it put us under some pressure. On the other hand, the experience with the InstantCommons project taught us that even friends need contracts to stay friends and it also taught us that when you want to get things done, it is often best to do it yourself.

With the election of Erik to the board of the Wikimedia Foundation, it seems that the mountain has come to Mohammed. Erik has been and is a key contributor to WiktionaryZ. This should facilitate a great relation between the WMF and the WiktionaryZ community and partners.

We have invested a lot of ourselves in WiktionaryZ. We intent to invest even more in the success of WiktionaryZ; we have schemes how it should integrate with the WMF projects. We see a bright future but as guardians of the project we will protect what WiktionaryZ stands for and nurture what we think WiktionaryZ will make possible.

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