Monday, October 09, 2006

Bi-lingual content

We are working hard to help the OLPC with content. WiktionaryZ seems to be really user oriented. WiktionaryZ wants to work together with organizations, with professionals. Quite often they have rich resources that are extremely useful, but need integration. Often this information comes in the format of a spreadsheet. When these are two column affairs with words in one language and words in another, it is not known what meaning these words have and, yes they can be imported but only people who know both languages can integrate it. At this moment it is manual work.

Manual work is sometimes necessary but it is time consuming and as it is, we do not have the tools to make it less time consuming. When such lists are imported with a "flag", it would be possible to locate them easily and compare them to existing Expressions for that language. This would help integration. When the Expression does not exist for both linked Expressions, it does not follow that the DefinedMeaning does not exist.

I am sure that we will have to deal often with these situations. We are at the stage where it makes sense to think about this. We are approaching the point where we have to deal with this.

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