Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some thoughts on Alexa

Alexa is a website that provides an indication of the popularity of websites on the Internet. What I do does not matter, as Alexa only measures the use of Internet Explorer which is statistically becoming a less brilliant idea. Given the amount of people using Firefox on WiktionaryZ, I am sure that they do not know where many of the alpha crowd hangs out.

We have had our downtime this week and, I have been looking at how this affects our standing at Alexa. Sure enough, after two days of downtime, we hit the 900.000th place. Now that we are back up, we rebound nicely and today we are already back at number 478,316 for the weekly average.

WiktionaryZ has its own statistics, here you will find that our daily average hits did take a pounding. Given no more downtime and given that the trend of continued interest continues, the numbers will improve but the average will be depressed. At this moment all this is not crucial. When we get people to rely on WiktionaryZ, our service level needs to be much improved.

In a conversation with a developer I said once, when you respect our users, you have to treat them as if they cost us $150,- an hour. The point is that with the realisation how valuable contributors are, you are more likely to give them with the respect that they are due. With professional people using wikis, there actually is money paid for the time spend editing wikis this makes it more plain but it does not make a difference. Editors are to be respected and it is important to make the most out of what they do for us.

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