Sunday, December 31, 2006


It is the last day of the year and, it is a great moment to consider what to do in the New Year. For me the one thing that will typically make the difference is collaboration. What we aim to do with OmegaWiki will be a success when we aim to be inclusive. This will allow everyone to benefit from the mutual effort on the same data.

The economies of scale really will work to our advantage when the work on the data is shared. When people and organisations work together, tipping points will be reached that will enable the application of the data that would otherwise not be really possible.

Today I learned that it may be possible to collaborate with Logos. This would be really great; Logosdictionary is already relevant, it has a community that make the daily logosquote a rich reality. It has a children's dictionary, a conjugator and more. Truly the prospect of such a collaboration is significant, the challenge will be to make it happen.

2007 will be an interesting year .. :)

Thanks and "gelukkig nieuwjaar!"
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