Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Marathi Wiktionary has 121 articles. OmegaWiki has 120 expressions in Marathi. I had a look at the recent changes of the Marathi Wiktionary, it was full of changes to the MediaWiki messages. Consider, the same work was probably already done on the Marathi Wikipedia. When these updates are done in this way, people will not be able to benefit on other projects that are of interest to people that read and write Marathi.

It is really relevant that the work done on languages like Marathi count. BetaWiki was a place that functioned well, however as it was not part of the MediaWiki projects, it was ignored by some of the developers. With the inclusion of the software written for BetaWiki in the Incubator, there will be a more obvious place for the localisation of MediaWiki. It will be a place that is easy to understand for translators. The work done there will benefit all the projects where people are able to use their language for their User interface.

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