Sunday, January 07, 2007

A toe, a finger or a "prst"

In OmegaWiki, we have a problem in that we are busy beefing up the content. And sure, I am to blame for it myself as much as anyone else. The problem is that in order to achieve a substantial size in translations and thereby achieve some relevancy, it is easy to forget about the basic underpinning of OmegaWiki. The problem is that in several languages, there are no words as precise as the words in others. In Croatian, and some other languages, prst is the word used for both the finger and the toe. The consequence is that there should be another DefinedMeaning for prst describing it as "One of the five extremities that can be found on a hand or a foot".

Creating such a DM is not a problem however, I can not define a DM in Croatian. I can define it in English, Dutch. The issue is that a DM is defined as a combination of an Expression and a Definition in the same language. It does not stop me from creating a DM.. it does mean that we need to consider this scenario as well.

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