Saturday, January 20, 2007

Toilet and doorknob

Terminology is everywhere. The need for translations is needed all the time. A dear friend of mine, is an engineer and is improving her Spanish. She does this with regularly speaking, chatting to someone who does speak .. Spanish and wants to improve his .. English. Both of them are into wikis and, I learned that some technical material in English was send and this resulted in this beautiful article on how to fix a running toilet. OmegaWiki does have the word for toilet but do we have flush, tank, lid, flapper, bowl, float, valve, overflow tube ??

The wikiHOW article is in need of translation for instance into Spanish, because there are running toilets wherever you find toilets. OmegaWiki would love to have the terminology... it is a doorknob (another word we should have :) ) that will open many more opportunities for adding terminology to OmegaWiki.

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