Friday, February 09, 2007

Cleaning a bit on the sk.wiktionary

Many of the Wiktionary projects have a moribund existence. At some stage people worked on it. They left the project, things changed and where never properly taken care off. Today I was in an extended chat and I was not the lead talker, so I had some time to do some stuff that does not take much attention.

I cleaned up a bit on the sk.wiktionary. At some stage all Wiktionaries supported proper casing. This meant for the acronyms like ADHD that they became aDHD. Somebody needed to go and fix these so that they became properly ADHD. Today I fixed more than sixty acronyms that started with a, there are many more of these that need fixing and, not only but also on the Slovak Wiktionary.

I am really pleased that at OmegaWiki we only need to fix things once..

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