Sunday, February 18, 2007

A root canal treatment anyone ?

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a dentists specialised in the noble art of endodontics. I had a molar that had already had a root canal treatment before and it needed some more work. I was nervous. Actually I am terrified of dentists and consequently I am my own worst enemy as a person suffers most from the suffering that he fears and that often never materialises.

So I went to my appointment and I was wearing a Wikimania 2006 t-shirt. A person waiting in the reception reacted to this and, we got to talk about science, creating educational content in a collaborative way, licenses and copyright, OmegaWiki, the Nature article and the Wikiprofessional demo.

When it was my turn to sit in the "chair", the doctor had heard much of the conversation and asked several questions.. There was no time gap between being operated on and talking about the things that are so dear to me. One big difference between what an endodontist does and what a dentists does is in the tools of the trade; an endodontists uses microscopes and a lot of digital imagery. It really gave me the feeling that I was operated on. Anyway, after the operation I gave a demonstration to my endodontist.

The good news is; I did not have time to be nervous.. Two more people may have a good look at OmegaWiki. It feels good even though my molar is still sensitive .. :)

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