Saturday, March 17, 2007

IATE became available

IATE or the Inter-Agency Terminology Exchange became available as a resource on the Internet. An introduction to IATE explains nicely what IATE is about; it is about the terminology of an organisation; the European Union. It aims to demystify the jargon used by the organisations of the EU.

In the past IATE was accessible as well; it proved popular and it was quickly hidden behind a password. This time you can get access by using the URL and it hopefully means that this resource is now officially available.

When you compare IATE to what it replaces, it is a massive step backwards from a copyright point of view. EURADICAUTOM was available under a much less restrictive license. It would be nice if the EU would steal a page out of the US book; most of the information provided by that government is available without restrictions.


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