Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wikizine but more relevant WalterBE

Walter is a long-standing member of the Wikimedia Foundation. He is a steward, he is the editor-in-chief of Wikizine. He organised the first official meeting of people of the nl.wikipedia .. there were only two people and we had fun.

People who know Walter know him as a soft spoken can-do person. He has done much of the organisational work on the Dutch Wikipedia, organising elections, being involved in OTRS from the start. He is the press contact for Belgium ... As a steward he did much good, he is a member of the communication committee ...

Walter has indicated that he has grown away from the community and as such his motivation for Wikipedia and Wikimedia stuff has gone downhill. He does not feel that he can properly represent the WMF and the community, he is disappointed in the lack of cooperation around Wikizine ... What has prevented him so far to stop is his sense of responsibility to the Wikizine readers. Wikizine has been a labour of love for Walter, there has been little input from the community to inform Walter about the latest, no people except for proof readers who shared the burden of this well received periodical.

Well, I can only be sad that Walter finds his commitments a burden. I do hope that he will know and remember how much he is appreciated for the work that he does and has done. Really, to me Walter is one of the most important Wikimedians.



Unknown said...

I back that up. I see Walter as the nestor of Dutch Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Where was it said that Walter quit as Wikimedia BE contact? Was it an inside announcement, or did he make an on-page statement?