Saturday, October 20, 2007

Import, export

In OmegaWiki we provide some statistics. One of them is a breakdown of the Expressions per language. It is interesting because it shows what people are working on. It is a good indicator because after the initial import from GEMET, all the new work was done by hand. We are now experimenting with the import and export of data that are in collections and this will change things quite a bit.

The export creates a txt file with the columns separated by tabs. The columns are the number identifying the DefinedMeaning, and combinations of the Expressions and Definitions. The reason why we start with this export is because it is still much quicker to translate in a spreadsheet then it is to translate on the web. These experiments are done in a test environment and, we hope to bring it life soon. I can already send you a file when you are interested :)

When we start to import, it is likely that languages can make quite a jump in the statistics. I hope it will encourage people to help us by providing translations particularly for the less resourced languages.

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