Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CentralAuth and FlaggedRevs

CentralAuth and FlaggedRevs are MediaWiki extensions. They are quite special because they are extensions that we are waiting for to be implemented. CentralAuth is better known as SUL or Single User Login and FlaggedRevs is flagged revisions.

There may be all kinds of reasons why they have not gone live yet, I am happy to say that localisation is not one of them as the localisation has been done for many languages. There are few practical things that we can do to make a polite point that we would really really really have these extensions go live. Localisation is such a polite way.

I invite you all to check the statistics and if your language is not there yet goto BetaWiki and help us localise the 59 messages for CentralAuth and the 122 messages for FlaggedRevs.

Please Brion, consider this as well in your planning ...

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