Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Firefox is doing well

In a blog on Wired, the news is that Firefox is doing really well. Firefox has gained more ground on Internet Explorer. World wide 28% of the Internet users use Firefox, a new record, and 66.1% use Internet Explorer. Of interest in these numbers is that half of the IE users are still using the old IE6.

Firefox is getting ready for the release of the new Firefox 3.0. I have been using the beta 2 version for some time now and, this works out really well for me.

The best of the blog was in the end. Here they indicated that Firefox is doing so well because of the number of localisations. With 40 localisations and several languages being in beta, Mozilla is better at reaching out then Microsoft.

When this is the yardstick to measure by, MediaWiki is a league of its own. BetaWiki supports the localisation of 259 languages. More then 90% of the messages have been localised for 48 languages and for 85 languages better then 90% of the most relevant messages have been done.

What I find exciting is that particularly the languages from India are improving. A lot of work has already been done for Bengali, Telugu, Malayam and Marathi. We hope that this will remove one of the hurdles for the people from India and Bangladesh to use Commons.
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