Sunday, February 03, 2008

One requirement for the Portugues Wikiversity has been met

When a subsequent project is requested for a language, one of the requirements is that the localisation for that language has to be completed. It means that all the MediaWiki messages and all the messages of the extensions used in the Wikimedia Foundation projects has to be complete.

This requirement has now been met for the Portuguese Wikiversity. Malafaya, a member of the Portuguese community finished the localisation today. He notified me, because he knew of the request for a pt/wv. He is not part of this new project but he is passionate about Wikipedia and he likes to tackle the issues where he can make a difference.

This week Betawiki migrated to a server with better specifications. The effect has been immediate, the response time has gone down and the number of messages that have been localised has increased. This is a moment where you can write about a sponsor... We found that Netcup, the ISP for BetaWiki, was willing to help us with a bigger server... It is not that they expect us to write about their hosting, but we can and we are happy to.

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