Sunday, April 20, 2008

Car glass

I have a car. It is parked outside of my apartment. Next to the parking place is a building that has been squatted. For whatever reason, people find a need to kick in the windows of this building. This week I rang the police because another window was kicked in. The police came, the boys, age 15 something were gone. Yesterday I came to my car to find that the front window of my car was kicked in, I reported it to the police. Today, another window of the building was kicked in. Again I called the police.

As the building is squatted, nobody seems to care if the windows are whole. Some people want the squatters out and this may be a reason why they throw in the windows.. With a vandalised building, it is easy for people to think that nobody cares. The problem is, that when people think like that, some think nothing of damaging other things as well, like my car.

I know the police had a talk today with the boys. I am grateful that they did. I do not know what has been said, but it may help get the message out that you should not damage other peoples property.
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