Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Extension of the week: Global blocking

Global blocking is the extension of the week at Betawiki. According to its technical documentation it has a beta status and according to the info on Meta it is life on all the WMF projects.

According to the Meta documentation, I should be one of the lucky few that can use this tool. However it is not clear to me at all how to use it; I have not yet found any documentation. What I understand is, that it only works for IP-numbers and that is really useful to prevent a lot of vandalisation. I think Werdna has done a fine job by creating "Global blocking".

What I find interesting is that the discussion about who will be able to use this tool and how it affects the autonomy of projects is still ongoing. There have been postings on the Foundation mailing list and there is a lot that can be found on Meta.

Sadly we do not have a project or volunteer council, IMHO it would be the obvious place where these things should be discussed / determined.

Some nice factoids:
  • In a conference in Beijing Denny reported that Semantic MediaWiki has been successfully localised in Betawiki.
  • We are deleting the Babel templates and use the Babel extension in stead
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