Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fighting the fight

I care deeply about languages. I want all our projects to do well. Occasionaly I do things to help these projects on their way.

Today I was spreading the word about localisation on the Kikongo Wikipedia. Their main page said BALLZ! and I changed it to its previous and proper state. When you check the history, you find more vandalism. Small projects without much of a community suffer a lot of this kind of nonsense.

I find myself a lot on many projects and I realised that if I had the admin flag I would be able to do more. I could apply for the Steward setting, but I am not eager or willing to do all the things that many stewards do; I want to do the odd job that come along on my way. The only reason why I want it is because it makes it easy when I find something that needs doing.

I do not think that I want to stand in a steward election, for me it is too much hassle, too bureacratic. I am afraid that that I do not have the stomach for all the politicking. Asking for admin for all the small projects is a non-starter. With some exceptions, there are no viable communities in any of the 100 some Wikipedias that have less then 1000 articles.. There is nobody there. I still try to get support / interest in helping out in Betawiki. I am an optimist :)
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