Thursday, April 24, 2008

Youtube ... but which one?

YouTube is a video sharing website. It is probably the most widely used, it has a wide variety of stuff including pop songs, comedy or TV shows from my youth. There is also a large amount of useful stuff, like a howto do the Rubik cube ... The real cool thing of the YouTube videos is that you can embed them in a website. It is for this reason that many people want to include YouTube into MediaWiki and, it shows. There are currently seven extensions known at MediaWiki and I have been reliably informed that there are more.

So what extension to choose? What makes a YouTube extension the best? It is a bewildering choice; do you want YouTube only, what other video sharing sites are supported, is it localised, is it supported and most importantly will it work for me ???

The answer to these questions take time to answer, and then the apparently best choice may still leave things to be desired. A friend of mine has to answer these questions. How to YouTube is not the only functionality that he has to decide on. He will like many others, have the extensions tested, maybe fixed for documentation and function.

As we are certain that this is an often repeated excercise, we want to do it in a way that provides more benefits; a way that helps people to understand what extension, what version for what MediaWiki release and how to install and use it.

Our current thinking is to test it on a virtual server and publish the results. We have not decided on the precise details. Suggestions are welcome.
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