Friday, May 23, 2008

Missed opportunity

At the conference in Arhus there was a presentation planned about "online dictionaries in a web 2.0 environment". This presentation was to be given by Joseph Dung.

Joseph is from Nigeria and in order to be there, his trip to the conference started two day before the start of the conference. His presentation was the last presentation of the conference and sadly he did not make it. For all kinds of reason, he was delayed, there were problems and finally he missed a flight from Frankfurt airport.

Joseph made it finally to Arhus, he came in 15 minutes after the start of the final dinner. We were kept informed about the progress of Joseph towards Arhus during the conference.. We all felt bad for him and cheered his arrival.

I would love to have learned more about how Web 2.0 makes an impact in Nigeria.. It must be a challenge.
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