Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Internet privacy is something to get over with; it does not exist we have been repeatedly told. This means that whatever you do on the Internet should be considered as if it is done in the full view of the world. Today I was surprised when my mother told me that she had googled me; she told me that she had enjoyed my blog entry about swimming in Maiori.

When you write on the Internet, it is your mother that may read you. When whatever you write is sane / safe enough for your mother to read it, you have a proper idea of your Internet privacy and Internet dealings.

This lack of privacy does not give any excuse to those people that want to snoop beyond what is available. I am staying with Sabine at the moment and am staying in the privacy of her home, her family. When I comment publicly, I have to ensure that I show proper respect, I have to be aware of Sabine's privacy and I want to find myself as friendly a welcome a next time.
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