Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On the monthly Betawiki info

This month's Betawiki statistics need some explanations. The numbers are down for the "most often used 98%" category from 112 to 110. This is odd because these messages have been stable for quite some time now. It turns out that the friendly Betawiki developers have changed how they assess what goes into the numbers; the FUZZIED messages, messages that for whatever reason need attention, are no longer included and consequently the numbers are down for now.

The numbers of the MediaWiki core localisation has gone up and so did the messages for the WMF used extensions. This shows that even though there are FUZZIED messages in there as well, there is continued work done on many languages. It also shows that there is a need for more work to be done for many languages.

The Single User Logon is active, and it needs localisation on all projects in order to work really well. Localising on a local wiki is a waste of time because who can do this on the 700+ wikis of the Wikimedia Foundation ??
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