Friday, August 01, 2008

On the monthly Betawiki info

This month's Betawiki statistics need just like last months numbers some explanation. The numbers look good, there is growth in all groupings. What is different is that we have taken Flagged Revisions out of the statistics of the WMF used extensions and is now registered separately. The reason for this is that it is optional. A project may decide to use it and in order to make it work, it needs to be localised.

One of the projects that considers to use Flagged Revisions is the Hungarian Wikipedia. They have started to localise locally. This is actually a very bad idea for several reasons.
  • Flagged revisions are used elsewhere and your localisation is not available as a consequence
  • A local effort does not benefit from the management of changed messages Betawiki provides
  • The messages explaining what a message is there for is not available
Betawiki does welcome any and all people working on localisation. We are particularly happy when the group for one language is big enough so that proof reading of the messages becomes feasible.
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