Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicken or egg

At Betawiki we use CLDR data for the language names in all all our languages. Many languages are supported in the CLDR but some are not. Picard is one language that is not supported in the CLDR yet. Not only are the locales for the language missing, the language is currently not known and consequently the translation for Picard in many languages are not available to us. In OmegaWiki we have a small list of names for Picard.

I have requested edit rights for the CLDR so that I can add values like pcd, Picard and the Dutch "Picardisch". I am grateful that I am given the opportunity to contribute.

I have now been asked if I can add values for the locales for Picard. Locales because Picard is spoken in Belgium and France. The person who asked localisation permission at Betawiki is obviously a much better person to ask to do this. It would be great when we stimulate the people from our community to contribute to the CLDR as it is one of the corner stones for the presence of a language on the Internet.
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