Sunday, January 18, 2009

Closed curtains

Yesterday, as part of the News Year event of three Dutch Open Content organisations, we had a guided tour of de Wallen, the famous red light district of Amsterdam. Even though the area is world famous, there is much more then meets the eye. Our guide was able to provide us with an astonishing wealth of details and, us being mostly Wikipedians we noticed the friezes in the classicist style, we wondered if next to the head of Zeus it was Hera where others had only eyes for the scantily clad ladies in the many windows. I must say they reminded me of a Patti Page song.

On a more serious note the relative merits of a red-light district were mentioned. With a decreased official tolerance for prostitution, more and more illegal brothels pop up all over the country. The girls are typically illegal and often forced in to prostitution.

At the end of the tour we made a group photo in front of a house with the curtains drawn. It is certain that Paul has an alibi as well, he took the picture ... :)

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