Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mardetanha, the fa.wp contributor with 5Gb of pictures waiting to be uploaded to Commons, did not know about Commonist. Commonist is a tool that allows you to prepare the uploading of files to a MediaWiki installation off line and have the uploading done in a batch mode.

I informed Mardetanha about the existence of Commonist, and he informed people at the Persian Wikipedia. The news about Commonist was received well. While we were chatting, he told me that one of his goals is to get many more pictures about his beautiful country on Commons.

I know Mardetanha as a Betawiki translator and for Commonist to be adopted in Iran, it is best when the software is localised. The article about Commonist does not mention this possibility at all, it is only when you get to the website of the developer that you find that this is possible.

When Commons is to be a multi-lingual project, it has to think in a multi-lingual way. It means that it has to recognise that the localisation of its tools is important. There are many people who can help with localisation at Betawiki. To allow these people to make a difference, the Commoners appreciate that most of the pictures that Commons need will be made by people who live in countries where English is not the first language. Once this appreciation sinks in, Commons will be at the tipping point of being a true multi-lingual project.
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