Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Continued Betawiki activity and info about the EOY prize

The one language that really stood out in the last month was Tagalog. In a really short period of time AnakngAraw did most of what we have to do. As a consequence of his efforts, the MediaWiki 1.14 release will have a full Tagalog localisation.

It is now some time after we ran our Betawiki end of year prize. This effort has been a huge success. Our initial hope was to have some 20 people participate and in the end there were 35. There was some anxiety about continued activity after the event, but as you can see in the diagram we are doing really well.

With so many participants, even 1000 Euro amounts to only 28,57 Euro. For people in Europe, the costs of the money transfer are neglicible but when transferring outside of the EC, mean costs that start with 10 or 18 Euro and, then you may still have to pay premiums. It is for this reason that we are looking for alternative ways of paying money.. Paypal is interesting but it has its restrictions and, it is not available in all countries..
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