Thursday, January 01, 2009

On the yearly and monthly Betawiki information

Betawiki has had a great year. To learn how great a year, it is best to read what Siebrand had to say in his update. It gives you all the hard information that you need. Recommended reading! There is however always more to say..

A lot of extra work has gone in 30 languages because of the Betawiki end of year prize. The prize is going to be divided by 35 people who made a claim. For Czech, Spanish, Finnish, and Chinese multiple people claimed their cut, five people have asked us to donate on their behalf to the Wikimedia Foundation.

I am especially happy that Amharic, Khmer, Tagalog, Telugu and Punjabi benefited from our end of year push. Many of the languages that benefited most were already doing really well, Arabic, Chinese, German and Russian for instance. For other languages like Czech, Estonian, Finnish and Sicilian it helps to complete their localisation.

Some people indicated that it was next to impossible for them to contribute because of the severed Internet cables in the Mediterranean. This may mean that we might have done better..

The project did what we hoped it would; we received a lot of attention, a lot of work was done in a small period of time. The one thing we do not know yet is if more people will find their way to Betawiki in 2009.
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