Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is on the menu

Today I read an article about the "mouse man", a scientist who had a big influence on the research of cancer and genetics. His Wikipedia article does not have a picture.. It looks boring and this is probably because there are no appropriately licensed pictures around. There are not even pictures of laboratory mice...

Pictures illustrate, and having great illustrations make great articles a lot more accessible. When we are lucky, we can find material that is in the public domain. Museums and archives are the custodians of such material and when we are really lucky, they make quality scans available.

Many of these images are damaged and need restoration. Many of these images are restored by one of a growing group of Wikipedians. Durova is probably the most prolific restorer. It is hard to keep track of all the images she has done.

In order to reach out to other people interested in restoration work, Durova has started to upload her pictures to Flickr as well. The question is if the upload limit will allow her to upload all her work. Flickr has a slideshow so have a look..

To answer pfctdayelise, yes it would be great to have a slide show in MediaWiki as well..
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