Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dutch chapter's annual meeting

Yesterday I went to the annual meeting of the Dutch chapter. In a way it was a celebration of the things that went well. There was a lot that went well. In another way it was the moment to reflect on the things that did not go as well as was hoped for. For me it is always great to have such a group of wonderful people in one place.

The ambitions for this and the next year are high. We hope that Wikimania 2010 will come to the Netherlands. The aim is to extend and intensify our contacts with organisations and government so that we can promote a more inclusive and open culture. Thanks to Wikiportret we have uploaded many portraits of famous Dutch people to Commons for instance this one of Carice van Houten.. At the meeting the first tentative arrangements were made to internationalise this project for other countries and other languages.

At an annual meeting, there are the obvious and boring things, the financial statements the discharge of the trearurer, the old board, the election of a new board. All these things happened. What I like most is having so many interesting people together, learning what they have been up to.

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