Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mark Harmon is picture of the day - a Wikiportrait

A picture of Mark Harmon is picture of the day on the English Wikipedia. It is a great picture and there is a funny story behind it. The photographer, Jerry Avenaim, had provided the picture in a lower resolution version. As it is a great picture, it was proposed for "Featured Picture". Because of the low resolution it did not qualify and a higher resolution picture was asked and given. Now it is the picture of the day.. :)

Many articles about living people do not have a picture. Having a quality picture with the article is typically in the interest of both Wikipedia and the person in question..

The Dutch chapter has a project called Wikiportet. This is a Dutch website where people are asked to contribute pictures to those articles that do not have one. It works really well, when you read Dutch. It does include all our hoops, free license, OTRS references the works.

Now as so many people in the world do not speak Dutch, there is the opportunity to localise this project in English, French or whatever. There are people everywhere that did merit an article but have no picture or a lousy picture. There is room for many more featured pictures :)


Cbrown1023 said...

We have something similar on the English Wikipedia, Photo submission. It has the same ideas as the Dutch initiative.

GerardM said...

Well, I had not heard about it. Having a project for it allows you to do more marketing for the idea.

Marketing works ...