Monday, March 02, 2009

On the monthly information had a good month. When you look at the group statistics in time, you will find that the MediaWiki core messages, the messages of the WMF used extensions and of all the extensions have gone up. The "most used" messages made a tumble from 113 to 82 languages covering 98% of the messages, but when you compare it with the number of languages on February fifth, you will find that only 45 languages had this status. So it is actually not at all bad.

Februari was the first month that we could add "gender" to messages. As I do not hear much of it, I can only assume that its implementation is happening quietly.

This month the 1.14 release of MediaWiki was planned and Siebrand asked our localisers for a final rally. According toTim Starling: "MediaWiki 1.14.0 now has 311,000 localised interface text fragments spread across 298 languages, that's 17% more than in 1.13.0".

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