Sunday, March 29, 2009

User interface

Recently I have been using the PuTTY software a lot. My computer came with Windows XP and I have been using this ever since PuTTY however provides me with a Window onto a Linux server and what I have been thinking about is what do I expect of the software.

It is obvious that the command I type in are to be interpreted remotely. I do a mv when I copy, and I rm a file when I delete it. Copying and pasting is less obvious. What tripped me is how to copy text. I highlight a text and then I press CNTRL C This gets me at least a carriage return and in Windows I can paste the text.

What is nasty is that it also kills the program I am in... Now I have learned that highlighting the text is what allows me to paste it. CNTRL C is there to provide me with a KeyboardInterrupt so everything works as designed, the only problem left is knowing what the design is.

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