Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Serbian localisation

This is information cropped from the group statistics at translatewiki.net. Recently a lot of great work has been done for Serbian in  the Cyrrilic script. Hundreds of messages have been localised and this will make a big impact once these messages become available on all the WMF projects.

Serbian is one of the languages where the content is transliterated in either Cyrillic or the Latin script. For all kinds of reasons this does not work for the Mediawiki messages. The technology to do this transliteration exists so I am wondering if it would be possible to have this implemented on translatewiki.net.


Cbrown1023 said...

Rainman maintains it and it's available in svn at LanguageConverter.phpand classes/LanguageSr.php

Cbrown1023 said...

Now Rainman said that he does not have time to fiddle with this, but that Mihajlo would probably be interested in helping. (That's a link to his userpage and he's "Mihajlo" on IRC in #wikipedia-sr.)