Friday, May 01, 2009

Everything can be compared. It still represents 'the known universe'

It is the month of May again and the new "group statistics in time" of are available again. The numbers do not lie they say. When you compare these current numbers, you will find progress when compared to last year. The progress that impresses me most you will find in the "Extensions 65%"; they grew from 17 to 30 and consequently Siebrand's goal for 2009 has been reached.

These numbers demonstrate that when people get into their localisation, it becomes a habit to come back to do some work. It demonstrates that slowly but surely the extensions that are not used by the WMF are being localised. When you notice that there are only 35 languages that have 90% of the extensions localised that are used by the WMF you may appreciate why I appreciate this dedication that makes MediaWiki such a wonderful platform.

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