Thursday, July 09, 2009

A case of Haitian voodoo ?

Yesterday I was at the Tropenmuseum, I talked with one of its IT people about uploading material to Commons. We talked about all the usual subjects, size of the image, WMF chapters, pywikipedia, restorations...

We also talked about how to keep people interested in the GLAM that cooperate with the Wikimedia Foundation. (GLAM = galleries libraries archives museums) and one of the initiatives of the Tropenmuseum would fit that bill. Every month they select an object that has something of a mystery about it and they ask the public to comment.

This months object was left by a member of the public at an exhibition about Haitian voodoo. This object has a most prominent place at the entrance to the museum and, the hope is that a member of the public can help out and help with the provenance of the object.

Maybe you can help by identifying it as either a hoax or the real thing... It looks spooky enough either way.

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