Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Queen of Hearts

The Wikivoices episode that is to be recorded today, will be writing an article about some famous children's rhymes. One of them is the "Queen of Hearts". The idea is that a new Wikipedia article will be created and will be brought to a level where it is a DYK.

I was asked to join and ... well not only is the text new to me but also the words are foreign to me. Words that are a bit archaic would be my excuse.. I pride myself for my English so I found my role.. I will add all the words that I do not know or that I am uncertain off to OmegaWiki.

PS the recording will start in 40 minutes...


GerardM said...

This is the article...

Lise Broer said...

Many thanks to Gerard for being a good sport and joining. It helped a lot to have a non-native English speaker in the group who could offer feedback on how much background is necessary.