Friday, July 31, 2009

Supporting the Nikud characters

I use Firefox on Ubunty, the Nikud characters used in Hebrew look for me like this.
You see nothing. They should look like this:
It is these kind of things that need to be addressed when we support the "other" languages. It is just an example of one language that we want to support in the "Special characters" of the enhanced editing toolbar in the beta version.

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Ynhockey said...

Thank you for making this post. I did not know how problematic Hebrew display was on certain systems and configurations (although there's a known bug in Firefox on Macs).

The real problem however still lies with the ~96% of the users who can see nikud properly, but there are some display glitches which exist even in native Hebrew fonts like David and Narkisim. For example, the Makaf character, which in correct Hebrew exists in word combinations, has been omitted from Wikipedia because it does not display correctly with any nikud-friendly font (except Times New Roman, which is extremely ugly).

The solution to this is the Web Fonts technology which would allow Wikipedia to use any font it likes without requiring users to download. I am not an expert on this technology however.