Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GLAM WIKI recommendations

The recommendations resulting from the "GLAM-WIKI: Finding the common ground" conference have been published. They provide an interesting and recommended read for everybody who has an interest in the relations between GLAMs or galleries, libraries, archives and museums and the Wiki world.

Most of the recommendations are brilliant they provide a solid basis for cooperation and collaboration. The emphasis on the collaboration on the metadata of material is great, this is where the benefits are obvious to me. In extension highlighting the importance of real world interaction between a GLAM and our community is dear to my heart.

The intro states that some of the recommendation are controversial. One of the recommendations indicates to me that the Creative Commons licenses are not understood because they state that a perpetual license is given to the "Licensee". We are looking for stability in the WMF projects and consequently the arbitrary removal of a license is not acceptable but there may be reasons that would be valid for us as well.

Hotlinking has similar problems; how long will our illustrations be available and, how will they be available to students and to down stream users. Most of the reasons for hotlinkinking can be mitigated by providing statistics on the use of the material, another recommendation :)

The recommendations follow the tracks of the conference; they are legal, technological, educational and business. There are separate recommendations for GLAM, Wikimedia and government. When you read them, you find that Wikimedia has its role to play. This is where our chapters may play a vital role.

These recommendations provide a start for the dialogue needed between GLAM, WMF and government. I am sure that other aspects of this puzzle will get attention in due time. As it is, I am grateful for what certainly must have been an awesome conference.

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