Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A long and great conversation on chemistry

Wikimania is special. You meet the most interesting people and have the most interesting conversations. I met Martin A. Walker who is a professor of Chemistry at the state university of New York Potsdam.. We talked about publications, about having a Wiki for all the known chemicals. the idiolect of chemist and bio-chemists, how an interface for one should use the accepted terminology for a domain.

Thalidomide has been a chemical that I learned details about and today I added to this.. Thalidomide is a racemic mixture, one is poisonous and the other benign. Nowadays it is possible to create only the benign form of the drug. There is one catch, when the stuff gets into the body, some of it will be converted in the other form making it unusable for what thalidomide became infamous for: morning sickness.

PS Martin gives a presentation about Offline releases of the English Wikipedia and Improving Wikipedia by organising and assessing articles.

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