Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Standards for us all

Standards are used all the time, there are so many of them and many of them are really relevant. Standards can be as "simple" as the kilo or the meter or decide on things like is that a language..

As a follow up of having been to an ISO conference in Milan, I have been invited by the NEN, the Dutch normalisation instititute, to come and brain storm about standards and how more people can be involved in the process of standardising.

I am really excited about this; for standards to work people have to know them, understand them and feel that it is in their interest to comply with them. The issues are many and accessibility to the standards and the data included in standards is a big issue. It is also very much about who benefits from standards and who pays for the development of standards.

The NEN indicated that it is very much interested in what a Wiki approach could be.. I am really looking forward to this.

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