Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Statistics for October

A new month brings new statistics. translatewiki.net shows continued growth, the traffic for Wikipedia has grown by 9% to 11,586 M and the total number of articles grew with 2% to 14.2 M. These are numbers that show that we are doing well.

The English Wikipedia grew last month by 0.1 million articles while the other Wikipedias grew by 0.2 M. Its traffic grew by 1% and the other Wikipedias grew with 2%. For me it means that the English Wikipedia is doing well.

At the bottom of the "monthly page views" Wikipedias are grouped together by size. This is my favourite part of this page because of what it does not show. You expect that such a ranking is stable but when you observe it regularly, you will see how the composition of these groups change.

On the Total Articles view, you will find that slowly but surely the October numbers are added as they become available. As Erik Zachte, our statistics guru, always says the number of articles are not that important and he is certainly right for our bigger projects. It is quality that makes the difference when people are to return to these projects. However for most of the smaller projects we do not have the quantity to attract our readers.

When you look at the smaller projects, you will find that the traffic is erratic, the growth in articles can be big and monthly changes in traffic of up or down more then 20% seem to indicate a lack of maturity. Given that the trend is typically upwards, we are likely to make a big difference with many of our smaller wikipedias.

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