Friday, November 13, 2009


At, we welcomed User:చక్రవర్తి. With a user page that is probably in the Telugu language, we do not know if this new person knows sufficient English to localise from English into his language..

We have a protocol for accepting new people, we welcome people and, we provide them with instructions. When these instructions are followed, we give our new localiser "translator" rights because we assume sufficient proficiency in English.

At we welcome people who are proficient in English and know their language quite well. The first stop for many people is the localisation of MediaWiki but we hope to continually provide challenges :)

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ఓ బ్రమ్మీ said...

I am a vivid lover of Telugu, hence is my request is in Telugu. Now that I have learned, would try to post all in English. Please excuse me for using my native language.

Secondly, I would like to contribute (or) to convert (or) help you as much possible as I could to translate English into Telugu. Hence please allow me to join your community.

Finally thanks for approving my candidature to be a member of this community.