Sunday, January 17, 2010

#Tropenmuseum image most used in #wikimedia projects

One of the recent developments around the support to GLAMs is a tool by Magnus Manske called GLAMorous that shows how many images are used from a particular category on Commons.

When you aks for the details for the "Images of the Tropenmuseum", you will find that this image of the Governor-General Mr Andries Cornelis Dirk de Graeff is used 11 times. it is funy to find that the Wikipedias cannot agree among each other what his correct name is; Cornelis or Cornelies..

When you look at the most used images, you find that many of the pictures that have been so lovingly restored are doing really well. Another category that proves popular are part of the royalty of Indonesia, sultans, kings, princes, rayas...

The thing that surprises me most is that the Dutch Wikipedia makes most use of the material of the Tropenmuseum, this may change. I hope that the srn.wikipedia and the id.wikipedia will challenge the Dutch position ..
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