Friday, February 19, 2010

Closing #wikimedia projects (rant)

Proposals for closure I hate probably the most. They go on for forever, are often requested anonymously and to top it off, there is no clean procedure for finishing of projects because it is not implemented.

When a project is closed, it should be removed. It should not be in the statistics, it should be removed from the Internet. When we actually hope for it to restart at some stage, it should go to the Incubator.

These are the smallest Wikipedias in the traffic statistics. Most of these are closed. They give a bad impression because there is not much you can do once they are "write protected". There is not even a procedure to lift the closure...

The worst part of the continuous bitching is that some anonymous cowards find it in themselves to propose the closure of projects like the Swahili Wikipedia. Such insane proposals are taken seriously and they create a lot of unnecessary stress. In my opinion this is trolling pure and simple and should be dealt with accordingly.

If closure is to be considered in the first place, I would suggest that no activity for over three months would be a requirement and, that new activity resets the clock. It would also be good to define additional limits that prevent a closure request to be considered.. to mind come the finished localisation of the "most used" messages and 1000 articles for a Wikipedia.

I write this rant because people who are working towards activating our projects get really distressed and disheartened. Most of us truly want all our projects to grow and do well and the last thing we want is for the people to move on who have an interest in these projects.

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