Friday, February 26, 2010

Indonesia and statistics

As I follow the traffic statistics, the rise and fall of some Wikipedias is astounding; I became particularly interested in Indonesia; several languages from Indonesia have their Wikipedia and, the one in Bahasa Indonesia is the more prominent.

Its growth is amazing; at this moment it is bigger in traffic then the Arabic Wikipedia and is growing much faster. With an annual growth of 39% the Russian Wikipedia is the only top 20 Wikipedia that grows faster (45%).

What makes it so amazing is that they have the lowest number of active Wikipedians (213) of the top 20 Wikipedias and, they have 118k articles and as such they are the number 3 of the bottom of these same top 20.

Indonesian is spoken by some 200 million people this indicates its potential for further growth. I am sure there is more room for growth because I learned from Serenity that there is not much awareness yet of the improved use of Wikipedia on the mobile ... Consider what happens if all the Indonesians who have the right kit find a use for Wikipedia on their mobile..

Now consider, twice the number of active Wikipedians as committed as the current crop, three times the number of articles ... Could it be a top 10 language in traffic .. I think so!

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serenity said...

Gerard, if this is your way of buying me to the troppen museum project.... you may succeed *lol*