Monday, February 08, 2010

#MediaWiki is used for the Haiti relief effort is a MediaWiki wiki building a "yellow pages" with everything that is relevant for the Haiti disaster response. This project is organised by Crisis Commons, an organisation that not only aims to provide relief when needed, but also stimulate people all over the world to prepare for an un-hoped for disaster. There is a wiki for that as well.

On their website, you find many geek organisations that have involved themselves in the relief effort. Translatewiki is not that geeky, then again I am biased, but we have already identified two applications that are used for the Haiti relief effort, MediaWiki and OpenStreetMap. Both can do with a massive effort to localise these applications in Haitian Creole

We welcome Open Source applications that are used for disaster management and disaster relief.. When many applications are supported at translatewiki, our community will be strengthened by the people that come specifically to lcoalise this software but equally important, it gives us something real to do, something other then giving money and hoping for the best.

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